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The Brand 

TMESALTERA by Natalija Mikhaylova line is designed to solve many aesthetic skin problems, and the products themselves are based on personal research of the practicing doctor - cosmetologist Natalya Mikhaylova. Her extensive practical experience in injection and laser techniques and the most advanced laboratories in Japan, Switzerland, France, Canada and many others!!

MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova products are designed to achieve fast results and enhance the effectiveness of other cosmetological procedures such as laser methods, botulinum therapy, mesotherapy, and ablative procedures. Due to the highest quality concentration of active ingredients, cosmeceuticals, these are designed to achieve fast results, the effectiveness of which have been scientifically proven in clinical trials. MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova is certified, meets the highest global requirements for quality, innovation and safety, so it is a combination of high efficiency and pleasant use for your clinic.

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Gentle Cleanser  (For practitioners and clients) 
It has a neutral pH so suitable for all skin types including, sensitive and reactive skin. This gentle cleanser does not destruct the protective skin mantle and provides gentle keratolytic action whilst effectively removing impurities, excess sebum and makeup.
Unique complex of plant extracts
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:- Aloe, epilobium, chamomile extracts.
DIRECTIONS:- Apply a small amount of mousse to skin in a circular motion and rinse with mater. Apply 1-2 times daily. Avoid contact with eyes.
It is recommended for skin cleansing prior any aesthetic procedures and regular home care. Apply a small amount of the mousse to the skin with round movements, rinse with water.
Professional Use 150ml          £33
Enzymatic Peeling Gel
This enzyme peeling solution is for intensive skin cleaning of blocked pores (comedones) and keratinized skin cells. It contains complex Keratoline® produced biotechnologically via fermentation which becomes active when applied to the skin,. this cosmeceutical peeling formulation softens comedones, oil, promotes cleaning of sebaceous ducts, as well as eliminating greasy shine. It softens and stimulates cell turnover. Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive and reactive skin types as well as hyperpigmentation, first signs of ageing and mature skin. Ideal for skin preparation prior to microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, or even as part of a facial to replace exfoliators!! 
METHOD OF APPLICATION:- Apply the peel to a preliminarily cleaned skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.  It is recommended for professional use only.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:- Patented complex Keratoline®
Professional Use 300ml          £40 
The Acids (Must be used with Neutralizer gel and Sensi Plus) 
Glycolic 35% (Fitzpatrick 1-3) 
Glycolic acid has the most active molecule among all alpha hydroxy acids, owing to which the products on its basis have profound exfoliating, stimulating and antioxidant properties so ideal for skin rejuvenation. This peel treats, pigmentation, hyperkeratosis, seborrhea and acne scarring. Furthermore, the action of glycolic acid is intended for softening and amazing skin brightening properties due to the complex containing milk protein.
Professional Use 30ml          £40 
Mandelic Acid 40% (Fitzpatrick 1-6)
Mandelic acid obtained from the fruit of bitter almonds. Molecules of mandelic acid are quite large, so the peel formulation produces a very delicate peeling effect on the skin, causing minimal irritation. The peel formulation has an indirect antioxidant, moisturizing effect and an expressed bactericidal action, therefore it is often used to treat rosacea, acneic
Professional Use 30ml          £40
Pyruvicpeel 40% (Fitzpatrick 1-3)
Pyruvic acid has a moderate exfoliating and a good bactericide, sebostatic, antioxidant and depigmenting effect. It normalizes sebum secretion processes and has an indirect moisturizing action. Owing to that, Pyruvicpeel 40% is used for problematic skin, acne, as well for the correction of photodamage.
Professional Use 30ml          £40 
Salicylic Acid 15%  (Requires pre peel lotion and Sensi Plus, neutralized with water) (Fitzpatrick 1-4) 
Salicylic peels are renown for the effectiveness of treating blemished, breakout, acneic skin types. Furthermore, due to larger molecular structures, can treat sensitive and rosacea skin types.
Professional Use 30ml          £40 
This is intended for skin preparation prior to chemical peel procedures. It has a cleansing, degreasing and keratolytic action. Pre peel lotion evens the skin surface and reduces pH gently creating the conditions for homogenous penetration for the peeling formulation. Result – The skin is well-purified, degreased, prepared for the peeling.
Recommendations for the use – Apply to the face prior to Salicylic peel only
Professional Use 30ml          £20 
Combination Peels (Neutralized with water, must be used with Sensi Plus) 
Locao Rico (Fitzpatrick 1-6) 
Active peeling lotion based on fruit acids complex for renewal and rejuvenation of all skin types and indications. It eliminates keratinized cells, stimulates cell turnover processes, improves elasticity, improves pigmentation, hyperkeratosis and skin aging. Furthermore, Locao Rica is renown for skin brightening and evens skin pН. 
Key active -Complex of AHA/BHA acids: glycolic, lactic, salicylic, citrus acid, complex vitamin С.
Prior the use, shake well.
10-15 minutes peeling application, neutralized with water.
Professional Use 100ml          £49 
Renew (Fitzpatrick 1-6) 
This is an Active peeling agent consisting of AHA and BHA complex acids for all skin types. In addition each active used in this formula work to their own benefit whilst enhancing the effect of each key active. This is a unique formula that has the ability to penetrate through the epidermis to help skin rejuvenation processes without damaging the epidermis. This peel will cause intense skin renewal and regeneration without causing any severe redness or even desquamation. Renew peel is specifically formulated to gently renew, stimulate and repair the skin including skins of sensitivity. This peel promotes rapid and gentle cell renewal, reduces pigmentation, improves acne prone breakout skin types reduces wrinkles, evens out skin texture, improves and promotes the production of collagen and elastin whilst improving skin complexion overall.
Professional Use          £49 
Neutralizer Gel 

Gel NEUTRALIZATOR   is intended for neutralization of peeling formulations based on АНА-acids:



Follow directions of use to the protocol

Professional Use          £39 
Sensi Plus 
Apply a necessary amount on a cotton pad and wipe over areas that have been peeled. Can be used as a mask; apply to peeled area for 10-15 minutes. 
For professional only 
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:-Pronalen Sensitive Skin®, Laktokine ™, Prodew ®400, Allantoin, Panthenol
Professional Use          £39 
Used post peeling procedure to: Repair, moisturise and help skin recovery processes for all skin types. Applied immediately after advanced procedures such as chemical peel, ablative laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion. 
directions- Apply even layer for 5-10 mins, remove residue with tissue. 
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS,Sunflower oil,Rapeseed oil,Natural moistening complex ,Chamomile extract
,Extract of rosebay willow herb,Lactic proteins
Client Home Use 50ml             £26
Professional Use 200ml          £39
SPF (For practitioners and clients) 
Action –contains the complex of physical and chemical filters, provides a maximum photo protection from the entire spectrum of ultraviolet rays (SPF 85 per COLIPA scale) – Owing to tripeptide-1 complex, it is a profound regenerating, antioxidant and moisturizing action It is absorbed rapidly, does not leave a greasy shine Suitable for all skin types.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS,Titanium dioxide,Aluminum oxide,Complex of chemical sun-protective filters,Soya proteins,Wheat proteins
Vitamin Е – Urea.
Apply post advanced procedures, or 30 minutes prior going out. Renew periodically in the sun, to ensure maximum skin protection.
Professional Use          £28
Skin Preparation 
Pre Peel Active 
This is ideal for skin preparation prior to advanced procedures such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing, micro-needling or IPL. Pre peel active reduces and evens out the superficial layers of the skin. In addition, normalizes synthesis of pigments, reduces the risk of post treatment hyperpigmentation, whilst stimulating regenerative skin cell processes.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS- Retinol, vitamins С and Е – Lactic proteins – Extract of rosebay willow herb – Rapeseed oil.
Directions— Apply to a preliminarily cleaned skin daily or every other day for 2-3 weeks.
Professional Use 50ml          £28
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