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Focus Awards Level 4 Award in Facial Anatomy and Physiology (RQF) QRN: 603/7310/6
Qualification Purpose
The aim of the Focus Awards Level 4 Award in Facial Anatomy and Physiology (RQF) is to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology associated with the facial area.
Age Ranges- Entry is at the discretion of the centre. However, learners should be aged 18 to undertake this qualification.
Geographical Coverage - This qualification is available in England.
Learner Entry Requirements: Learners must have previously completed and achieved a level 3 qualification in beauty therapy and a level 2 in skin care and facial treatments. Focus Awards does not set any other entry requirements, but additional criteria may be requested or specified by the centre.

Students will learn:


Explain the layers of the skin and their functions

Explain the differences between the hypodermis and fascia

Explain the function of the integumentary system

Summarise pigments of the skin

Summarise specific characteristics of skin types

Epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis and function

The endocrine system

The circulatory system 1

The lymphatic system

The function of nerves and associated pathologies

The integumentary system and the pathology of the circulatory system

Skin disorders, injuries and conditions

The effects of dehydration

The signs and symptoms of acne in adults

Summarise a range of skin diseases 

Explain a range of skin injuries

Explain cellulitis

Compare Psoriasis and Eczema

Certification-Ofqual Regulated Level 4

Cost £395

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